Let’s get motivated to meet our goals in 2021.
Join us for the Professional Women’s Luncheon at the Brownwood Country Club on January 20 for lunch!
Our Keynote address will be delivered by Jill Mathews. Jill is an Independent National Sales Director for Mary Kay. The topic of her keynote is the “1-Degree Goal and the Frustration Gap”.

Jill Mathews is a National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oklahoma State University.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jill worked in corporate tax for 2 years, where she quickly discovered she was not working within her gifts!  In her 33 years as an entrepreneur, she promoted herself up the career path with Mary Kay to hold the highest and most esteemed position in the company, that of National Sales Director.  Embodying the true spirit of mentorship and coaching, Jill has led over 48 women to the leadership position of Sales Director and above; a position that only the top 2% of the company currently hold.  Within her organization of 1,000 members, she also coaches new consultants on how to run their own businesses, part-time or full-time.  In her tenure, she has earned over $2 million dollars in commissions.  These commissions are not a result of selling the product, but from investing her time and energy in mentoring others to build successful businesses of their own.

Jill has also worked in international markets, specifically, the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.  She was also a Consultant for 2 start-up companies, aiding in their operation and development.  Jill is an accomplished speaker, having been featured on talk shows, radio, and news programs.  And as part of her ongoing commitment to giving back to the community, she shares her journey, challenges, and victories in building her own business.  Jill is passionate about working with young professionals, as being an entrepreneur has been her life’s passion; and hopes to continue to pour into others the rewards they will discover from becoming their own boss and following their dream.

Jill is married and has 4 children ranging from 15 – 25 years of age.  If you would like to contact Jill, she can be reached via email at Jill@JillMathewsNSD.com.  You can also visit her website @ www.jillmathewsnsd.com.

You don’t want to miss this inspirational event.
Lunch is provided by the Brownwood Country Club and is $14.
This event is sponsored by AccelHealth.
****Please remember to practice health precautions while attending this event. Including masks, 6 feet separation, and handwashing. Keep up to date with COVID 19 Vaccines here ****

Register at Brownwoodchamber.com or call (325) 646-9535 for more information.